Buckin’ Dog is a country brand raised in the south (South Coast of NSW that is!). We love country music and everything that rural Aussie life has to offer. This inspired us to start our own brand and spread the country love vibes that we live for.

The spirit of the Buckin’ Dog incorporates that of the bull and man’s best friend the dog (specifically the kelpie).

In the animal kingdom the bull is a sign of strength and power in both the physical and spiritual sense. This dates back to ancient cultures where bulls were offered as a sacrifice as they were considered an invincible beast. They are a headstrong animal with unwavering determination.

In contrast the kelpie is famous for it’s intelligence, loyalty, courage and tenacity. They have an undeniable ability to work a variety of livestock in the harsh and unforgiving conditions of outback Australia.

It is this combination of traits that we believe stand strong among Aussies and therefore Buckin’ Dog began.



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